Are you struggling?

Do you feel like your belly isn't the same after having children? Not able to get back into your favorite jeans? Feel constantly bloated? Or have that odd pouch around your C-section scar?

It's time to reconnect to your core

In this program we are going to walk you through reconnecting to your core, so that you are able to strengthen your abs, heal Diastasis Recti, decrease the belly pooch, control incontinence, and strengthen the pelvic floor.  Through this program you will gain first-hand knowledge of how you are moving your core and what may be causing your core connection problems.  You will be provided tips, tricks, and exercises to help strengthen the core along the way.  

You will unlimited access to the Core Connection Program so that you can continue to come back and fine tune your movements to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

What's Included:

  • 6-week one-on-one virtual coaching

  • Weekly self-assessments to determine why you may be struggling

  • Weekly exercise videos to help you focus each week

  • Weekly homework to help you focus on what is most important

  • Extra exercise videos for those who need extra help and want more workouts

  • Educational Videos helping to explain the whole body connection

  • Private Community to ask questions and get support

  • Bonus videos, tutorials, tips and classes

Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for joining

    2. Copy of Disclaimer: Required

    3. Join our Community

    4. Check to see if you have Diastasis Recti

    1. Why breathing

    2. How is your breathing?

    3. Daily Homework-If you don't have extra time

    4. 360 breathing

    5. Back breathing

    1. Breathing Exercises

    2. Mini workout 1

    3. Mini Workout 2

    4. Mini workout 3: Foam Roll with Breathing

    5. Live workout

    1. One thing you must stop doing!

    2. Understand bracing

    3. Side lying breathing

    4. Side lying back breathing

    5. 90 90 breathing

    6. Breathing on hands and knees

    7. Ha breathing

    1. Rib Assessment

    2. Take a Picture

    3. Rib positions in regard to breathing

    4. Daily Homework

    5. Ribs flare or grip?

    6. Ribs less than 90 degrees

    7. Ribs wider than 90 degrees

    8. Skin Rolling

    1. Exercises for wide ribs

    2. Exercises for narrow rib cage

    3. One sided rib flare

About this course

  • $147.00
  • 72 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content


Courtney McManus

Owner, Head Instructor

I am a Personal Trainer with over 15 years in the fitness industry working with Pre/Postnatal and Perimenopausal moms. I have been able to help women in their day-to-day life be able to start moving more, lose the belly pooch while also helping them to ease the nagging pains of motherhood.