Is this you?

Feel frustrated that you can't get into half of your clothes. You feel bloated and disconnected to your lower abs after: children, perimenopause, C-section and you just don't feel like yourself anymore.

What would it feel like to reconnect to your core?

and strengthen your lower abs

The Core Connection Program is designed to provide you with the information and exercises you need to strengthen your core muscles while living life, help you to feel like yourself again, and enjoy the process as you begin to truly understand your body.

Results you can experience:

Our Core Connection Program will help guide you through the information you will need to support your body and help you to reconnect to your core

  • Understand how you should be breathing to help activate the core naturally

  • Understand how your posture is affecting your core and pelvic floor

  • Increase strength and tone in your core, glutes, legs, and upper body

  • Decrease bloating and inflammation

  • Better digestion, less constipation and gas

  • Feel better and more confident

It's time to reconnect to your core

In this program we are going to walk you through reconnecting to your core, so that you are able to strengthen your abs, heal Diastasis Recti, decrease the belly pooch, control incontinence, and strengthen the pelvic floor.  Through this program you will gain first-hand knowledge of how you are moving your core and what may be causing your core connection problems.  You will be provided tips, tricks, and exercises to help strengthen the core along the way.  

You will have unlimited access to the Core Connection Program so that you can continue to come back and fine tune your movements to ensure you feel comfortable and confident and access any updated information that is added over time. 

What's Included in the Program:

  • Video explanations to help you to understand where to start, how to move throughout your day, and tips for specific problems you may encounter

  • Weekly self-assessments to determine why you may be struggling

  • Exercise videos to include Pilates style workouts, Barre Style Workout, and Strength workouts for the full body core connection

  • Weekly homework to help you focus on what is most important

  • 8 weeks of Live Online classes to help hone in on your understanding of different movement patterns

  • Recipe guides to help you to begin to heal the gut in the process

  • 8 weeks of Accountability Calls and Q & A's to help you with your specific needs

  • Access to our Private online community to meet other members and ask questions


Courtney McManus

Owner, Head Instructor

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2006 and work specifically with Pre/Postnatal and Perimenopausal moms. My passion is to help you feel good about yourself while making small changes every day to help live a healthier, more movement and exercise rich life, while ensuring you don’t deal with aches and pains in the process.