Be able to walk without discomfort

You are ready to get moving, you put on your shoes, and you begin walking and the further you go the more your feet start to push back.


  • Less pain

    A lot of the minor aches and pains that we feel in our body can be linked back to our feet. Practice strengthening the feet and see how you feel in your body.

  • More movement

    Once you increase the mobility in your feet and ankles you will notice that the rest of your body moves with more ease as well.

  • Balance

    When you strengthen your feet you will notice that you are more balanced in your every day life as your feet are your foundation and are extremely important in how balanced you are.


Start feeling stronger throughout your whole body once you strengthen your foundation.

  • 30 day calendar to follow with 5 min foot strengthening exercises each day

  • Explanation of the tools you can use to help you strengthen your feet in your every day

  • Foot workouts you can do in just 5 minutes each day

  • Specific exercises to do for specific ailments

Bonus material

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to help you ease those achy feet.

  • Meal Plans

    I understand that sometimes inflammation may be the cause of the aches and pains so we are providing you with a couple of meal plans to help with gout, arthritis, and inflammation.

  • Footwork guide

    A printable pdf with all of the exercises that are in the 30 day calendar so that you can pick and chose which exercise you would like to do without having to watch a video.

  • Posture webinar

    Posture has a lot to do with the feet, so we are also offering our webinar where we go through the basic positions for posture to help you start feeling how you are moving within your body.

Course curriculum

    1. Fit Feet Introduction

    2. Tools you can use

    3. Seated exercise library

    4. Standing exercise library

    1. Day 1-Wiggle your Toes

    2. Day 2-Separate your Toes

    3. Day 3-Foot Alignment

    4. Day 4-Big toe presses

    5. Day 5-Separate toes on Floor

    6. Day 6-Big toe, little toe presses

    7. Day 7-Toe Stretches

    8. Day 8-Towel Pulls

    9. Day 9-Pronate/Supinate

    10. Day 10-Toe Taps

    11. Day 11-Heel Circles

    12. Day 12-Mini Workout

    13. Day 13-Point & Flex

    14. Day 14-Ankle Circles

    15. Day 15-ABC's

    16. Day 16-Top of Foot

    17. Day 17-Foot Drop

    18. Day 18-Stand Tall

    19. Day 19-Taps

    20. Day 20-Wake up Feet

    21. Day 21-Calf Stretch

    22. Day 22-Standing Heel Ups

    23. Day 23-Workout 2

    24. Day 24-Big Toe Press off

    25. Day 25-Split Stance Calf Stretch

    26. Day 26-Workout 3

    27. Day 27-Overpronation

    28. Day 28-Hamstring Stretch

    29. Day 29-Heel Pain

    30. Day 30-Standing footwork

    1. Wiggling your Toes-Part 1

    2. Wiggling your Toes-Part 2

    3. Wiggling your Toes-Part 3

    4. Foot & Ankle Mobility-Part 1

    5. Foot & Ankle Mobility-Part 2

    6. Ankle Mobility & Strengthening

    7. Standing footwork

    8. Stretches

    9. Advanced Footwork Mobility

    10. Moving through the foot

    1. Workout 1

    2. Workout 2

    3. Workout 3

    1. Foot Drop

    2. Heel pain (plantar fasciopaty or fasciitis)

    3. Neuropathy

    4. Flat feet-overpronating

    5. Hyper pronation (Extreme overpronation in movement)

    6. Stop locking the knees out

    7. Tension release in other parts of the body

    8. Dealing with bunions

    9. What type of shoes should I wear?

    10. Should I wear arch supports?

    11. Ingrown toenails

    12. Wear flip flops a lot or have hammer toes?

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 65 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content


Courtney McManus

Owner, Head Instructor

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2006 and work specifically with Pre/Postnatal and Perimenopausal moms. My passion is to help you feel good about yourself while making small changes every day to help live a healthier, more movement and exercise rich life, while ensuring you don’t deal with aches and pains in the process.