Why join the Community?

As a busy mom it can be tough to find the time to find all the information you need to live healthier. We help you by gathering the experts and tips so that you can come to one place for the information you need to help Raise Healthy Humans.

  • Expert talks-gain information live or by watching the recorded replay while being able to ask your specific questions

  • Monthly cooking class along with weekly recipe guides, meal plans for specific situations, and fun cookbooks for many occasions

  • Access to all of our workouts on demand from strength, to HIIT, from Barre, to Yoga and Pilates.

  • Join our Fun Challenges to help you focus on more movement and healthier habits

  • Skill Share-Learn from others in the community who have expertise in an area and want to share with you.

  • Live Q & A's, Community Connection Chats, and Accountability

I get it!

You are a busy mom who may not have a lot of extra time in your day to research and implement healthier habits.  

I've been there and understand what you are going through.  As a busy working mom of three I understand how difficult it is to find extra time in the day.  There is always something more to do and it is easy to put our health aside, but unfortunately when we do this everyone suffers.  

Here in our Healthy Mom Community we are providing you with quick tips you can implement, further information you can dive into if you are interested in a specific topic, and an opportunity to connect with other moms going through the same thing as you.    We are all on a mission to Raise Healthy Humans. 


Benefits of the program

  • More energy

    You will start to feel better throughout your day and have more lasting energy

  • More Happiness

    You will have the information you need and the time to be able to enjoy your family

  • More at Peace

    Knowing that you are making the right choices for you and your family while having a supportive community.


Courtney McManus

Owner, Head Instructor

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2006 and work specifically with Pre/Postnatal and Perimenopausal moms. My passion is to help you feel good about yourself while making small changes every day to help live a healthier, more movement and exercise rich life, while ensuring you don’t deal with aches and pains in the process.