Why this Challenge?

As a busy mom it can be tough to find the time to commit to yourself. This program will provide you with quick ways to start living a healthier life.

  • 5 minute workouts you can do at home which can be turned into longer workouts

  • weekly meal plans that your family will enjoy

  • Tips to help you start making small changes which will overtime make lasting changes

I get it!

You are a busy mom who doesn't have a lot of extra time for exercise and don't feel like you have 30 minutes to spare to get a workout in.  

I've been there and understand what you are going through.  As a busy working mom of three I understand how difficult it is to find extra time in the day.  There is always something more to do and it is easy to put the workout aside to get ALL the things done, which is why I created the Fit in 5 Challenge.  

With over 15 years' experience working with busy moms, I found that if I provided them with a quick workout, they could do in just 5 minutes they were more likely to get their workout in throughout the day.    

Benefits of the program

  • More energy

    You will start to feel better throughout your day and have more lasting energy

  • Gain confidence

    After just 3-5 days you will start to feel better about yourself as you will be moving more and eating healthier

  • Improve sleep

    This program will provide you with the tips you will need to begin sleeping better at night


“I'm wearing an outfit I wore the first week of school. Back then, it was snug and kind of uncomfortable. Today it fits way better and less snug. It's the small improvements. Thanks for your videos and all your encouragement.”

by Liz

Begin making lasting Changes

5 minute workouts, 3 weeks of meal plans, daily tips, and accountability to help you get back on track in less time.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to our Fit in 5 Challenge!

    2. Snack guide

    3. Measurements

    4. What is your Why?

    5. Setting Expectations

    6. Meal Plan & Prep Information

    7. Week 1 Meal Plan Guide

    8. Week 1 Meal Prep Guide

    9. Day 1-Create Consistency

    10. Day 2-Move More

    11. Day 3-Habit Stacking

    12. Day 4-Movement as a Whole

    13. Day 5-Posture

    14. Day 6-Posture while Moving

    15. Day 7-Exercise with Intention

    16. End of the week check in

    17. Week 2 Meal Plan Guide

    18. Week 2 Meal Prep Guide

    19. Day 8-Importance of Sleep

    20. Day 9-Get Outside

    21. Day 10-No nighttime electronics

    22. Day 11-Goodbye Weekend Warrior

    23. Day 12-Create a bedtime routine

    24. Day 13- Rest Mid-Day

    25. Day 14-Morning Routine

    26. Week 3 Meal Plan Guide

    27. Week 3 Meal Prep Guide

    28. Day 15-Understanding Blood Sugar

    29. Day 16-Protein

    30. Day 17- Healthy Fats

    31. Day 18-More Plants

    32. Day 19-Assess where you are

    33. Day 20-Check for DR

    34. Day 21-Last Day!

    35. Congratulations!

    1. Prepare for the Month

    2. Week 1 Meal Guide

    3. Day 1-Clean out

    4. Day 2-Dream

    5. Day 3-Lemons for your Heart

    6. Day 4-Rest your Eyes

    7. Week 2 Meal Guide

    8. Day 5-Nourish your Body

    9. Day 6-Breath

    10. Day 7-Get moving!

    11. Day 8-Have a warming drink

    12. Day 9-Stop with the Sugar!

    13. Day 10-Dress up

    14. Day 11-Something Special

    15. Week 3 Meal Guide

    16. Day 12-Massage your Cheeks

    17. Day 13-Visualize, Manifest, Pray

    18. Day 14-Slow down and Savor

    19. Day 15-Love yourself

    20. Day 16-Early to bed

    21. Day 17- Look in the mirror

    22. Day 18-Get out in Nature

    23. Week 4 Meal Guide

    24. Day 19-Compliments

    25. Day 20-Get rid of what's holding you down!

    26. Day 21-Phone a friend

    27. Day 22-Do Something for Yourself

    28. Day 23-Rest

    29. Day 24-Move the lymph

    30. Day 25-Cuddle

    31. Day 26-Special day

    32. Day 27-Focus on the Feet

    33. Day 28-Calf Hearts

    1. Hydration Challenge

About this course

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  • 69 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content