Move with Ease

Helping you to move with more ease

This course provides you with quick exercises/workouts that you can practice to help you gain strength, balance, and mobility. The exercises will provide you with strengthening wherever you are, whether you are mostly seated, able to move with some ease, or are able to get comfortably down on the floor and back up. Many of the workouts are designed for you to be able to complete in just 5 minutes so that you can focus on them throughout the day or you can watch longer videos for a specific workout.

Recorded workouts

Daily 5 min workouts for you to focus on specific areas in mobility, strength, balance, or stretching. Along with our library of exercises.

Weekly Meal Plans

Enjoy our meal plans each week that are designed to help you eat more whole foods


Gather information about living a healthier and happier life through our educational webinars. Many of our webinars will be about the mindset, nutrition, and creating a healthy home.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Letter

    2. Disclaimer

    1. Day 1-Seated Balance

    2. Day 2-Seated balance movement

    3. Day 3-Heel rocks

    4. Day 4-Balance press

    5. Day 5-Shift your weight

    6. Day 6-Balance ballerina

    7. Day 7- Ballet balance and strengthen

    8. Day 8-Ballet style leg strength

    9. Day 9-Tandem stance close

    10. Day 10- Tandem stance far

    11. Day 11- Marches

    12. Day 12-Standing spinal rotation

    13. Day 13-Tandem stance arms out

    14. Day 14-Tandem stance far, arms out

    15. Day 15-Tandem balance workout

    16. Day 16-Hamstring curls

    17. Day 17-Squats

    18. Day 18-Single leg balance

    19. Day 19-Stand on tiptoe

    20. Day 20- Arm circles

    21. Day 21-Rotation with weight

    22. Day 22- Seated rows

    23. Day 23-Straight arm press

    24. Day 24-YW's

    25. Day 25-Shoulder opener

    26. Day 26-Lateral reach

    27. Day 27-Cat and Cow

    28. Day 28- Seated rotation

    29. Day 29-Roll downs

    30. Day 30-Vestibular & Eye work

    1. Foam roll mid back

    1. Release the Psoas

    2. 5 minute stretch

    3. Move your Spine

    4. Corner Stretch

    5. Wrist Stretch & Strengthen

    6. Seated stretch

    7. Floor stretching-legs

    1. Stop locking out the knees

    2. Prepping for Hip Mobility

    3. Hip flexor release

    4. Fire on the Glutes

    5. 20 min seated strength

    6. 15 minute Standing Strength

    7. 20 minute glute & hamstring strengthening-LIVE recorded

    8. Glute Activation-LIVE recorded

    9. Hip mobility

    1. Seated exercises for arms

    2. 12 minute Upper Body work-no weights

    3. Seated arms with resistance

    4. Great shoulder mobility exercise

About this course

  • $129.00
  • 80 lessons
  • 12.5 hours of video content