Mobility and Posture Exercises

Ease your aches, pain and tension with our mobility and posture exercises.

Provide you with self assessments to determine what to work on, mobility drills to help you get unstuck, and stretches and foam rolling techniques for specific pain points.

What's included

Start to feel stronger throughout your whole body when you take a moment to assess each area.

  • Self Assessments (Pictures, tests, guides to help you determine where you are)

  • Mobility drills you can practice to help you start to move more

  • Foam rolling workouts in just 5 minutes to help you to start finding those trigger points

  • Specific topics like newly postpartum and pregnancy to help you get back into movement

  • 5 minute videos because we know you may only have a few minutes throughout your day

  • Stretches you can do on the go and throughout the day to help you feel better


  • Moving

    Start feeling better and moving more throughout your day

  • Feel better

    Once you begin practicing the stretches and mobility drill you will notice that your body may not deal with as many aches and pains.

  • Accountability

    Accountability and access to our monthly Q & A events to be able to ask questions to help you with your specific needs, along with many of the questions being turned into videos and segments to help you.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3

    Feet & Ankles

    • Wiggling your Toes-Part 1

    • Wiggling your Toes-Part 2

    • Foot & Ankle Mobility-Part 1

    • Foot & Ankle Mobility-Part 2

    • Advanced Foot Mobility

    • Overpronation or Flat Feet

    • Hyper pronation (Extreme overpronation in movement)

    • Stretching your Feet/Calf Stretch

    • Heel Pain

  • 4

    Hip Mobility

    • Prepping for hip mobility

    • Hip mobility exercises

    • More hip mobility exercises

    • Hip Flexor Stretches

    • Hip flexor release

    • Release the psoas

  • 5


    • Chest Stretch on Roller

    • Corner Stretch

    • Proper pushups-Turn on the Pec Major

  • 6

    Breathing Exercises

    • Breathing Introduction-watch first

    • 360 breathing

    • Side lying breathing

    • Back breathing

    • Skin rolling

    • 90 90 breathing

    • Side lying back breathing

    • Breathing to help with bread loafing

    • Breathing on hands and knees

    • Ha breathing

  • 7


    • Do I have rounded shoulders?

    • Reset Rounded shoulders

  • 8

    Arms & Wrists

    • Wrist Stretch and Strengthen

  • 9

    New Mom-Postpartum

    • Please read first

    • Go for a walk

    • Side lying rotations

    • No jumping-6 weeks to 4 months

  • 10

    Foam Rolling Exercises

    • Foam Rolling-How to

    • Basic Foam Rolling

    • Move your Spine

    • Evening Stretch with foam roller (4 min)

    • Upper back mobility with Foam Roller

    • Rolling for IT tightness

    • Foam rolling for knee pain

    • Knees fall in when squatting

    • Foam rolling and stretches for upper back and neck

  • 11

    Workouts to Ease Aches & Pains

    • Relieve Low Back Pain with Glute Strengthening

    • Stop locking the knees out

    • Head and Neck Tension-Forward head posture & Tongue position


Owner, Head Instructor

Courtney McManus

I am a Personal Trainer who has worked with mom's since 2006. Over time I noticed that mom's kept complaining about the same problems (feet, shoulders, hip, low back, and wrist pain); that was when I decided to get my Corrective Exercise Certification and begin helping them move more so that they didn't get stuck in the mom posture habits which can cause aches and pains. I'd love to be able to help you as well!